In Just 6 Months, The Fresh Toast Overtakes

In Just 6 Months, The Fresh Toast Overtakes

Just six months after launch, The Fresh Toast has taken its place as one of the top cannabis websites in the world.

According to Amazon’s Alexa, the leading website auditor on the planet, The Fresh Toast now officially outranks celebrity-driven Merry Jane in the US. Merry Jane joins the list of other sites outpaced by TFT: Dope Magazine, Marijuana Business Daily, Civilized and Massroots.

The Fresh Toast was able to accomplish this feat with a lean marketing budget and a tight editorial team, proving that TFT’s content is resonating with the mainstream population including the cannacurious, marijuana veterans and pop culture fanatics.

Each day, The Fresh Toast offers up the best in cannabis how-tos, marijuana-infused recipes, cannabusiness, Hollywood gossip, sex advice, hot messes, daily delights, food + drink and more.

The mission of The Fresh Toast is to present cannabis as the everyday item it is becoming, like wine or aspirin. TFT is the only site with a medical cannabis continuum of care, where a patient or caregiver can read about a disease, check out patient stories, ask a doctor for tips and learn how best to use cannabis to alleviate symptoms.

Our explosive growth shows the editorial mix is working and there has been stupendous increases in traffic and engagement since the 2016’s-late fall launch.

Positioned as a daily lifestyle site, TFT’s demographics mirror more of a Buzzfeed or HuffPost rather than a traditional cannabis site. This is a goal we continue to be proud of as  TFT labors normalize the topic of marijuana in mainstream America.

In the next few months, The Fresh Toast will be announcing new partners and a site upgrade.

Today is a celebration for our amazing team, esteemed investors and fantastic champions. Thank you and stay tuned for even more Fresh Toast!


Published at Tue, 23 May 2017 18:00:29 +0000

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