City Named Weed May Soon Legalize, Well, You Guessed It

City Named Weed May Soon Legalize, Well, You Guessed It

Residents of Weed, California, are used to the snide jokes. And the 2,967 citizens who call Weed home are even used to street signs bearing its name being ripped off by out-of-towners looking for a cheap souvenir. But what the they are not accustomed to is legally buying marijuana within the city limits. That may soon change.

Earlier this month, and ordinance was introduced at a Weed City Council hearing that would allow medical cannabis dispensaries. You read that right: You may be able to buy weed in Weed, as long as you have a medical marijuana card.

Last November, California overwhelmingly voted in favor of Proposition 64, allowing for the sale and consumption of adult recreational cannabis. But that law does not kick in until 2018. Even after the law takes effect, local governments are free to ban sales within their cities.

But the Weed City Council may soon test the waters, setting up a program for medical sales in advance of full legalization. Currently, medical marijuana sales are illegal within the city limits of Weed. If you are a patient seeking medical marijuana now, you have to either buy it on the black market or travel to a nearby city that allows dispensaries.

An ad hoc committee submitted an ordinance to the council recommending a program to regulate and allow medical cannabis dispensaries in the city.

The plan will be considered for adoption at the Weed City Council meeting scheduled for June 15.

According to a report in The Mt. Shasta News:

  • A green cross will not be allowed on signs.
  • Marijuana leaves will not be allowed on signs.
  • The name “weed” will not be allowed on signs. (Even though that is the name of the city.)
  • Medical dispensaries will not automatically convert to selling recreational marijuana in 2018.
  • The ordinance would allow a dispensary to be located only in a small area of the city, away from schools and daycare facilities.

The city of Weed is located in Siskiyou County along Interstate 5. Motorists making the trek from Portland to San Francisco no doubt have stopped for gas and joked about the name. The city also has spectacular views of Mt. Shasta, a beautiful 14,00o-foot snow-covered peak.

Weed in weed? It may soon be a reality. No joke.


Published at Tue, 30 May 2017 22:00:51 +0000

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